A simple approach to a classic material.

It is original. We don’t know any other company that is making what we make the way we make it. Our work stands alone.

We are not conforming to an existing technique. We approach the glass as if we were in a kitchen baking and creating things from scratch, in small batches. As a matter of fact we use lots of tools that you can find in your own kitchen. We just prep these tools to be able to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. We love Bridge Kitchenware!


Handcrafted glass. Lovingly made for over 50 years, in hundreds of colors. Create your own beautiful combinations.

The raw glass has been lovingly handcrafted in Osaka, Japan by the Satake family for over 50 years. Superior to any other glass in quality and color. We use an Italian method called ‘Lampworking’ to make the jewelry. All jewelry can be custom colored using any of the 120+ Japanese glass color options. We melt the glass by hand over an open flame and apply it directly to the metal.



That’s it. A simple approach to a classic material and production that is kept small so as not to lose the homemade quality of each piece.

The bowls are made using a French method called ‘Pate de Verre’ with glass from New Zealand that is crushed finely and cooked in a kiln and then finally formed around a coated bowl to give it shape. Any size and color combination of bowl is possible. No two bowls are alike but they go together beautifully.