verre new york

A lot of you have asked me about my relationship to verre newyork. I started ‘verre’ in a tiny work loft at 61 Pearl Street #325 in Brooklyn in 1999. It became a partnership in 2000 and ‘new york’ was added.

The partnership dissolved on good terms in 2011. I started verre by Jess Panza LLC in 2012. As with most new ventures, you have to take that first small step – the idea of change that flickers in the mind – all by yourself and believe that it will work. Then things change and grow in the new direction, just as nature intends for everything. I now make work under my own name and also have a growing roster of collaborators who humble me with their breadth of knowledge and talents. I feel fortunate to continue the long and prosperous business relationships with the very same people who supported my work under verre newyork. And, I am honored and a bit overwhelmed with all the new relationships that I have cultivated since then.

Thank you for supporting my work over the years as verre newyork and now as, well, me.