The jewelry we create combines two seemingly inanimate and dissimilar materials. These materials cleave together when heated to form a bond. The glass–to–gold bond is a perfect pairing where atoms bond on the molecular level

This bond allows us to create original and timeless jewelry that has made up our eponymous collection since 2000.

Gold adheres well to glass because of interfacial diffusion of cations from the glass and gold atoms from the gold. The glass used to make our jewelry has a softening point close to that of gold.

All of these conscious steps and underlying principles are unspoken, of course, when you view the work.

We hope the jewelry speaks for itself.
It has a presence all its own and an originality tied to the beauty of life itself.

We also produce a line of Pâte de Verre bowls that are made by simply by using the natural cohesive quality of the glass.

Our New! Verre Églomisé mirrors are simultaneously classical and modern, a dialogue between past and present and can be found in residential interiors by influential interior decorators.

All of our work is hand made, one piece at a time, in our small but very efficient Los Angeles workshop.